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Guide To Replacing A Roof with Solar Panels

Replacing A Roof with Solar Panels

Solar is a great way to save money on electricity, but it can come with some complications when it’s time to get your roof replaced.  If you have solar panels on a sub-par roof then you might wonder: “What about replacing a roof that has solar panels on it?”  We get asked questions all the time about replacing a roof with solar panels in Peoria, Arizona.

In this article, we’ll answer that questions and many others.  We’ll cover whether you need to have your solar panels removed during a replacement,  whether you can replace your roofing materials during the process,  and much more.

Will I Have to Get My Solar Panels Removed?

Yes, when replacing a roof with solar, the solar panels will need to be temporarily removed, impacting your energy savings during that period. Keep in mind, there’s an additional upfront cost for panel removal, as it’s not covered by the solar installer or insurance. While it’s an inconvenience, it’s necessary to remove the panels so that the roofers can get to work on the surface underneath.

It is necessary to involve the solar company in the removal and reinstallation process. Their expertise ensures proper disassembly, avoiding warranty violations. DIY removal or having your roofers remove your solar panels is NOT a good idea.  This would undoubtedly void the solar panel warranty, as solar companies aren’t so fond of letting third parties toy with rented panels!

A roof with solar panels

Coordinating Solar and Roofing Specialists

Coordinating your roofing replacement with your solar company is crucial to ensure a smooth replacement. By working closely together, they can guarantee that the holes used for mounting your solar panels are promptly covered during the roof replacement. This collaboration minimizes the risk of any potential issues, preserving the structural integrity of your roof, and making sure that everything goes back together as planned. Open communication and teamwork between roofing and solar professionals is key to a successful project.  It’s best to hire a roofing company that you know is experienced in working together with solar to ensure a timely and professional replacement.

Can I Replace my Roofing Material When I Have Solar?

Yes. When replacing a roof with solar panels to a different roofing material, consider mounting and weight concerns. Consult your solar provider to assess if the current mounting system is suitable for the new material. Additionally, ensure the weight of the new roofing, combined with solar panels, adheres to your roof’s load capacity. Professional evaluation and potential adjustments to the mounting system will be required for the transition.  However, a change of roofing material is entirely feasible, and realistic, since these additional concerns are not a huge problem for contractors.

Is it Best to Install Panels After I Get My Roof Replaced?

Yes. Opting to install solar panels after a roof replacement can be a strategic move to avoid the need for bracket replacements and other complications. This sequential approach allows for the incorporation of a mounting system that aligns seamlessly with your new roof. By coordinating these installations, you maximize efficiency and minimize costs, ensuring the longevity and compatibility of both your roofing structure and solar array. Professional guidance in this sequential process ensures a harmonious integration and long-term performance.

Solar panel installer

Choosing to install solar panels after a roof replacement can be cost-effective and streamlined. By integrating solar afterward, you mitigate expenses associated with panel removal and reinstallation during roofing work. This sequential approach reduces complications, making the overall process more efficient and economical. Professional coordination between your roofing and solar installation teams ensures a smooth transition, optimizing savings and minimizing disruptions while achieving a harmonious integration of your solar energy system.

What Will Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance generally doesn’t cover the expenses associated with removing and restoring solar panels during a roof replacement, unless both the roof and solar panels were damaged in a storm, or falling tree or something like that. These costs are often outside the scope of typical coverage. It’s important to carefully review your insurance policy and engage in a discussion with your insurance provider to understand the specific terms and limitations.

Damages to a solar panel during the removal or reinstallation process may be covered by the solar company or potentially through their insurance, depending on the circumstances. It’s essential to communicate directly with your solar provider to understand their policies regarding damages incurred during such procedures. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance may also be consulted, but specifics can vary. Promptly reporting any damage and discussing it with both the solar company and your insurer will help determine the appropriate course of action.

Best Practice For Replacing A Roof With Solar Panels

The strategic approach of replacing a roof with solar panels can streamline the process, optimize costs and minimize complications. While this sequential method is recommended for its efficiency, it’s acknowledged that replacing a roof with solar does add a layer of complication. Professional coordination and clear communication between your solar provider and roofing team are essential in both scenarios. Consider your specific circumstances and consult with experts to determine the best course of action for a seamless integration of solar energy and a resilient roof. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance may also be consulted, but specifics can vary. Promptly reporting any damage and discussing it with both the solar company and your insurer will help determine the appropriate course of action.  If you have questions about replacing a roof with solar panels, contact us for an assessment, or check out our Roof Replacement Page.

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